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We might be freaks...

But at least we have each other.

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for anybody who is bored and wants to meet new people. Post what ever you want: quizes, pictures, icons, banners, poems, stories, rants, raves....what ever. But please be kind enough to observe the rules:

1) The following posts MUST be put behind a lj cut, and include topic of post in cut line:

*posts containing any nudity
*posts containing any swear words (as some members may be under 18)
*posts longer than 10 lines
*posts containing large or multiple pictures (this includes icons)
*posts containing spoilers of movies or t.v. shows
*posts containing possible trigger words or images

2) Any racism or slander of ANY kind will not be tollerated.

*first offenders will be given a warning
*second offenders will be deleted and banned

3) Please keep in mind that we are an ecclectic bunch. So be prepared for any type of subject matter that you can think of. (and possibly some you can't think of.)

4) If you are offended, or have an issue with any post, please email me directly as opposed to starting a holy war in the comment area. (please put "yeah_riiight" in the subject line of the email)

5) All artwork (icons, banners, poems, stories, ect.) are copywritten by the  individual poster and any use of said artwork should be cleared through them.

*all rules may be changed or added to at any time. keep a lookout for updates.

Please promote!

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